Mayweather Vs McGregor Highlights & Fight Video | Mayweather Now 50-0

Mayweather Vs McGregor Highlights

Mayweather Vs McGregor Highlights. Floyd – now 50-0 in his vocation – talks after the battle: “[Conor]’s an extreme rival – we gave the fans what they needed to see

“He’s a ton superior to anything I expected he was … he utilized distinctive points. Be that as it may, I was the better man … It was our approach to take as much time as is needed and bring him out down the extend.”

I think Conor needs a KO now to win – yet as he tires he’s losing any sort of energy in his punches. It’s his absence of involvement with a battle going this long that is truly harming him. What’s more, Floyd approaches – he’s shook by a major right. The Irishman doesn’t go down however and proceeds. Yet, his legs have gone and Floyd goes in for the execute – and the ref stops it.

Mayweather Vs McGregor Video On Youtube

Conor has never battled for so long in a solitary expert battle. Possibly he knows he needs to go for the knockout since he charges out for the begin of the round. He seems to have in a major body blow yet he’s cautioned for a low blow. As the warriors are isolated, Conor puts in a late blow. With around 90 seconds to go, Conor check the clock and Floyd assembles hmself and comes in for the kill. He’s picking the Irishman off voluntarily now and Conor tries to go into the secure. The new kid on the block’s hands are dropping. This could be over soon.

An exquisite evade from Conor to maintain a strategic distance from Mayweather’s blow – he looks light on his feet still however it’s his arms that seem tired: he’s simply not harming Floyd. All things considered, the Irishman gets a couple of blows in before Floyd counters. He closes the cycle an uppercut before Conor takes after a privilege to the body with a head shot. Floyd’s round … just.

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