Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather Prize Money— How Much the Fighters will earn

McGregor vs Mayweather Prize Money

Eyes on McGregor vs Mayweather prize money is considered as the fight of the year after the Anthony Joshua beat 42 years Russian boxer Klitschko in boxing. McGregor is the UFC star who challenged Mayweather and will fight him in his style.

People interested in how much will both they would expected to earn from the fight. Irish have $15 millions in his pocket which is far less than the Mayweather fee of $100 millions. Furthermore, the pay per view will be of $100 per view and it is expected that there would be 5 millions views only from internet. It means $475 millions only from the T.V. Additional sponsorship deals, ticket sales and Nevada betting fees could propel the fight into the history books and would be the most expensive fight of the century.

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The American will go 50-0 if he win against McGregor and it will be the record itself. Both fighters have completed their 4 days tour of the world and press conferences were the battle of conversations. It started when Irishman asked Mayweather “Dance for me” and American replied ” I can’t be racist as i am half black from the belly button” adding more oxygen to the fire.

Who will win?

In my opinion it is not fair that 28 years brat is fighting with 45 years old. no matter how experienced and talent is Mayweather and he never lose a fight in his career but these are the tales of spring. With age man lose many things stamina, power and boxing has all to do with this. dispite of the fact that this is the mcgregor first boxing fight my bet is on mcgregor as he is going to win this and prove once again that hot blood got the nerve, as you previously has seen the results in anthony joshua vs klitschko fight.

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